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General information May 29, 2024

I left my children playing in the tentI hugged them as if it felt like the lasthug. I left to cook them somethingto eat.I came back panicking as I heard theairstrikes. I found my six childrenwho couldn't fit in the tent. Theyburnt and became ash. I carried thesix in my arm as if it were [...]

One of the bravest voices

General information December 8, 2023

If I must die,you must liveto tell my storyto sell my thingsto buy a piece of clothnd some strings,(make it white with a long tail)so that a child, somewhere in Gazawhile looking heaven in the eyeawaiting his dad who left in a blaze-and bid no one farewellnot even to his fleshnot even to himself-sees the [...]