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Andrew Toovey, "Ubu", Opera stable (Hamburg State Opera) 1993

With: W. Pauley, E. Menzel, M. Zwart, I. Gödecke, E.-J. Park, C. Rausch, W. Hoogklimmer; Musical direction: A. Willimczik, Director: I. McEwen, Stage: L. Dax and I. McEwen, costumes: I. McEwen

Mark-Anthony Turnage, "Greek", Kampnagel Hamburg 1989

With: S. Drakulich, M. Bräsen, T. Sellers, M. Bruce; Musical Direction: A. Post, Director: I. McEwen, Stage: L. Dax, costumes: S. Binding rope

Maurice Ohana, "Three Fairy Tales of the Honourable Flower", Opera stabile (Hamburg State Opera) / Hebbel Theater Berlin 1988

With M, among others. Bräsen, S. Rohwedder, Jacky Nonnon, Andreas Denk; musical director: M. Honda, director: I. McEwen, stage: I. McEwen, costumes: S. Bindseil

Francis Poulenc, "The Breasts of the Teiresias", Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg 1986

With: E. Herlitzius, Mikel Dean, H.-J. Frey, S. Blattert, K. Russ, D. Hohlheimer; Musical direction: M. Fohr, Director: I. McEwen, Choir direction: M. Petermann, Stage: I. McEwen, Costumes: S. Bindseil

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