Excerpt from the text of the performance "Tatort Demokratie" (Crime Scene Democracy)


(1) I am not a pessimist, but I do not see the future rosy.

(2) Capitalism has failed, as has neoliberalism.

(3) I am sceptical about forecasts. Forecasts are almost always wrong! The greed that we see today among the power elites could become the gravedigger of capitalism, that's true, but how long does it take? 50 years, I don't think so. 100 years?

(4) I am glad that I do not have much longer to live and I regret the younger generations.

(5) We have to be strong, defend our values, roll up our arms and work intensively together.

(6) Sisyphos work just! He is said to have been a happy man.

(7) I see tasks but hardly any solutions.

(2) If we don't get the situation under control, I also see our future quite gloomy.

(8) George Orwell's 1984 scenario is in full swing!


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