Lecture series in the summer semester 2023

Individual, society, world on the theater stage

Every production we see on the theater stage is a mirror in which the spectator can look at himself, the society in which he lives and the world in which this society is embedded. He is seduced into thinking about himself, but the image he sees is an imaginary image and the laws of earthly being do not apply to this image. That is the attraction of the theater. That is the reason why after a performance the spectator sometimes has the impression that he has grasped a truth that is greater than himself. Using the example of concrete current productions on Hamburg's stages, the lecture series will examine images that, against the background of the current disruption of old truths, attempt to grasp anew the truth of the person and that of our society.

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Lecture held on 17.05.2018, title: "Art in the stranglehold of power".

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